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About Us

So, it’s 7 am and you’re just about ready for the day ahead, when the neighbour calls complaining about your blocked drain and the terrible smell that’s wafting into his kitchen. Realising you need to do something fast, you search through the 50-odd loyalty club cards in your purse for your SomeGroup Assist membership, and call the emergency number.

The Call Centre Operator answers and you explain your problem. She places you on hold to check whether you have the required cover. After a short while she comes back to inform you that you indeed qualify for certain benefits – which means the call-out plus first hour’s labour is covered, and that the plumber can be there at 2pm. Good news, yes? No! Your Home Assistant only works mornings and you can’t get off work, so the operator will need to search again for a Service Provider that can fit in with your busy schedule.

By the time you drive off to take the kids to school, you leave behind some pretty unhappy neighbours holding their noses while they try to eat their breakfast. We’ve all been there before – that sense of embarrassment at their having to smell and bear it while you wait for SomeGroup’s operator to call you back.

As Murphy would have it the process drags on for days before it’s sorted out, but by then you’re no longer braai-buddies with the neighbours and you haven’t got much good to say about SomeGroup Assist!

Sound familiar? The situation is far from unique and, while it’s not always a blocked drain issue, we’ve all had to deal with these unfortunate little situations from time to time.

Let’s face it, most of us have busy schedules and often the problem isn’t only finding help but finding help that fits in with your schedule.

Until now…

Enter Whizzoh

The ongoing development of Emergency Assistance Products and Services has made a huge difference to our personal safety; convenience; time management and the general way we manage our daily commitments.

For several years, Call Centres have been doing the job in providing assistance to millions of South Africans. But they still face challenges – acquiring quality staff; finding fail-safe communication systems and solutions, as well as many other logistical problems.

Whizzoh is the solution. It’s the first effective home assistance app in Southern Africa. It provides instant connectivity to thousands of qualified Service Providers, 24 hours a day. This service negates the need to link a customer telephonically to an often very busy Call Centre operator. Finding a qualified service provider who is prepared to adjust to your busy schedule has never been so easy!